Team Development
Do you need to launch a new team or have an existing team that has become unproductive and is plagued with disruptive behaviors? We can help you identify the issues that are creating the problems and then guide your management and team in refining their processes, redirecting their behaviors and improving performance. The end result is improved cohesion and effectiveness...which translates to increased productivity for your teams and organization.
The reality of "Teams" and Work Groups 
Organizations are built and sustained by the people who do the work...whatever that work may be.  Those people must work together, must collaborate to accomplish the tasks required to provide the service or product offered by the organization.  This is basic.
The good news is that multiple people working together cancombine their varied skills, energy and styles needed to deliver extraordinary results.  The bad news is that because people are also unique in their hopes, goals and personalities, teams often face conflict. Add to the mix the reality that all teams go through various stages of development, rely on effective team structure, processes and resources to accomplish their work and things get even trickier.   As a result, it can prove difficult to  achieve the results expected of even the most talented and committed people working within and/or between work teams and organizations find themselves faced with frustrated and unhappy team members, failed skills synergy, derailed projects and stalled work objectives.   
HR Plus Consulting works with clients to ensure that their work teams are functioning as effectively as possibly by helping them to strategically review and align their work teams in a way that can truly maximize the anticipated synergies and achieve the results they need.  Some of our strategies include:
Group and Individual Assessments to identify personality style: 
MBTI (Meyers Briggs) Personality Assessment Tool
  • Individual Personality Style Assessments
  • Team Assessments
  • Workshops to enhance understanding of differents styles and how to maximize those differences
Process Consultation
Unlike some consultation approaches that call for someone to come in and "fix the problem" for you, HR Plus Consulting frequently takes a process consultation approach.  We work with our clients to help them strategically identify their issues, develop and implement strategies to resolve those issues.   In a nutshell, we focus on helping people in organizations to help themselves. The end result is that our clients can use their learning to handle issues internally and sustain the improvements see from our consultation services.