Employee Relations & Compliance 
Handling sensitive employees issues is key to maintaining an positive and productive work environment.  It is also key to ensuring that your environment is in compilance with all government regulations...which helps you prevent, mitigate and defend against frivolous employee claims.    HRPlus Consulting offers your exceptional expertise by providing you with a variety of creative solutions. 
  • "HR Hotline" -24/7 support for urgent issues
  • Employee Relations guidance on issues of discipline, misconduct, performance
  • Investigations:  Harassment, Discrimination, Wage and Hour 
  • Compliance Training:  Compliance for Supervisors, Harassment, Discrimination, Wage & Hour
  • Job Descriptions:  development and review
  • HR Programs and Process Audit
  • Personnel File Review
  • EEO/Diversity Managment & Reporting
  • Labor Relations and Union Avoidance
  • Pay administration and processes