Employee Handbook
What Is an Employee Handbook?
An Employee Handbook is the most important communication tool between you and your employees. It is a cohesive document that sets forth company expectations and workplace rights and standards for all employees in the organization.  It lets employees know what they can expect from the company and what the company expects of them in the workplace.
What Value does it Offer?
  •   Support for the foundation for your work environment and organizational culture
  •   Is a resource to answer basic employee questions which saves management time and money
  •   Provides a “compliance safety net” for the organization
  •  Can be used as a tangible and flexible tool in a variety of workplace circumstance
Is Your Handbook Up To Date?
  1. Is your handbook in compliance with all State and Federal regulations? 
  2. Are you aware of the most recent changes regarding electronic and social media? 
  3. What are the changes regarding Maternity/Paternity leave, Military leave, Criminal Background checks and personnel files? 
  4. How do you avoid liability issues?
  5. What policies and procedures should be outlined in your Employee Handbook?
HRPlus Consulting will create or review your handbook to ensure compliance and protect your company.   We will integrate your existing policies and practices and incorporate any other guidelines required by federal and state regulations. 
Why spend countless hours trying to update or piece together a handbook when we can create and refine a professional document tailored to your organization policy and objectives?