September 13,2012 - Barlett, Hackett & Feinberg and HRPlus Consulting, Inc. exclusive client seminar:
"Managing Employee Issues Under the FMLA, ADA and Workers Compensation"
June 18, 2011 - Co-facilitator at New England Alternative Conflict Resolution (NEACR) Conference, full-day workshop:
"Managing and Resolving Conflict in Work Groups"
February 18, 2011 -  Co-facilitator at Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA) training workshop: "Understanding and Resolving Conflict in Work Teams"
April 14, 2011 - Speaker at Metal Services Association of New England: 
"The Value of Employee Handbooks"
October 22, 2010 -  Co-presenter at Eighth Biennial Conference on Conflict Resolution, University of Massachusetts, Boston:
"The Clash of Organizational Cultures"