Conflict Resolution
Because people and groups have competing interests, needs and styles, organizations inevitably experience conflict within their workplace.  That conflict may emerge subtly as inefficiencies or "personality differences" or more blatantly as uncooperative or volatile behaviors.  Left unaddressed or unmanaged the result is decreased morale and motivation, lost productivity...and lost business opportunities.  Conversely, conflict can be an essential ingredient in environments that require creative thinking and business innovation!  HRPlus Consulting understands the positive and negative aspects of conflict and can help you develop an organization culture that understands and manages conflict proactively and productively. 
Using a wide range of techniques, we help you address conflict  - whether at the inter-personal level, within or between work teams.  We can also help you develop programs that proactively encourage and support an environment that engages conflict productively to meet and exceed business expectations. 
  • Interpersonal and Team Interventions
  • Mediation and Facilitated Negotiations
  • Conflict Training for managers, teams and staff
  • Dispute Resolution Systems Assessment or Design
  • Labor Relations
  • Union Avoidance