HRPlus Consulting provides outsourced HR and people expertise.  We recognize that all organizations are unique and we tailor our services to meet all of our clients' needs.  We are committed to providing exceptional support by offering tailored services focused on the specific objectives and culture of each client.  As a result, our clients see improvement in people programs, which translates to enhanced organizational effectiveness, improved productivity and reduced HR costs.
Whether you need executive level HR and people expertise, basic supplemental HR support,or an experienced and neutral facilitator to help resolve sensitive team and people issues, we provide you with expertise when you need it!
What our clients say...
"HR plus Consulting, Inc, has been a tremendous resource for my organization, providing extraordinarily sound advice with everything HR related, from our Employee Handbook to the complexities of managing problematic employees. As the owner of a small business I am frequently faced with HR challenges that much larger companies encounter. The difference is that I simply don’t have the resources for a full time HR expert on staff to handle those issues effectively.   HR Plus Consulting provides my organization with services and up-to-date information we need to not only be in compliance with all HR regulations but also with guidance and support that gives us the look and feel of a much larger organization from an HR perspective."
Neal Reynolds – President/CEO – Johnstone Supply
Expert HR and People Guidance
HRPlus Consulting offers you executive-level support on HR and people issues that will impact your business, such as maximizing your human capital, compliance and employee   relations, training and development, performance management, organizational development, employee engagement, executive coaching, leadership performance, team development and conflict resolution. Whether you need executive level guidance on your HR strategy or hands-on help, we offer you the expertise to successfully manage and optimize your employees and your work environment.    
The HR Basics
As a small to mid sized business your focus is on growing the business and providing customer service. Do you have the basic HR elements in place to protect your business from employee claims, turnover and workplace disruption? Do you have a structure in place that prevents audits, fines and lawsuits? HRPlus Consulting will review your current practices, make recommendations, and provide you with customized programs to suit your needs. We can provide you with HR programs, Employee Handbooks, Policy and Procedures, employee relations, performance management, compliance, recruiting, training, performance reviews, job description design, unemployment, workers compensation, and HR administration and systems and strategies to ensure that you have a solid HR foundation for your organization and employees. That foundation will not only mitigate the risk of claims and lawsuits, but will help you build a culture that attracts, develops and retains quality employees.
Management and HR Coaching - Do you have time to educate your existing management and existing staff responsible for HR matters?  HRPlus Consulting offers you expertise in both the HR and "people" arenas in order to mentor and provide supplemental support for your management and existing in-house HR staff as they tackle immediate people and business issues.  We can also provide tailored coaching for individuals interested in taking their business and people skills to the next level. 
HR Hotline - 24/7 HR Support
The success of any organization depends on people performing and behaving productively in the workplace. If your company does not have a dedicated HR professional on staff trying to determine the best course of action for an HR issue can be time consuming and daunting. We offer our clients executive level HR Expertise via our "HR Hotline" providing dependable answers and creative solutions to discipline, misconduct, performance, and dispute resolution issues on a 24/7 basis. Why risk taking the wrong action or spending hours of research time when the answers are moments away? With HRPlus Consulting your company mitigates risk of potential employment claims and saves hours of research time regarding HR issues. We let you get back to running your operations.
Team Development, Intervention and Training -  Do you need to launch a new team or have an existing team that has become unproductive and is plagued with disruptive behaviors? We can help you identify the issues that are creating the problems and then guide your management and team in refining their processes, redirecting their behaviors and improving performance. The end result is improved cohesion and effectiveness...which translates to increased productivity for your teams and organization. Or are you creating a new team and want to give them the tools to work more effectively to improve your bottom line? HRPlus Consulting can help you strategically plan, create and "kick off" your new teams and assist with team development and/or interventions to get them back on track in or to support their success in accomplishing their team goals. 
Conflict Resolution
Because companies employ people there will be conflict. HRPlus Consulting will help you strategically identify, mitigate and manage the sort of conflict behaviors that can derail individual employee and team effectiveness.  Through the use of consultation, mediation, negotiation, individual and team assessment tools (MBTI, Kilmann, etc.)  and other intervention services we help you and your employees stay focus on what matters most...achieving business results in a cooperative and efficient work environment.